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House proud and hinching

I am probably not the first to talk about Mrs Hinch. Well I know I’m not, but still.

Before Mrs hinch Insta craze, I was house proud, not saying I’m not any more, but I was a bit mad on house work, having everything clean and put away. Now I feel like I have to have all these extra things like zaflora, a minky and all these clothe that she goes on about. Sadly my house never looks as good as Mrs hinch house but do you know what, that’s ok. I’m not saying this whole hinching thing is a bad thing but sometimes I do feel like my house should look Pinterest worthy because that’s what Mrs hinch house looks like.

By no way is my home dirty, or grubby. It’s lived in. So sometimes one or two rooms are perfect, but usually I have three loads of washing to put away. The rare moments where the whole house is all done is, well weird. With all the DIY going on we’ve not been able to get on top of it all. Now I think it’s just turned into a hobbit.

Social media is going great, I’ve found a community that is like me and I enjoy. But now it’s like, totally it my face and I feel that my home isn’t clean because it doesn’t look like Mrs hinch. I don’t have loads of throw pillows that are perfectly placed, to be honest I need to sort out my sofa cushions because they are a mess. But that’s ok my home looks lived in most of the time, that’s fine.

Then I think, well I’d rather be thinking about pillows and how I can keep on top of washing instead of worry about how fat I feel in comparison to that super model on my feed.

To me being house proud doesn’t mean my home is PERFECT before anyone steps in to the house and before I leave. It’s clean and presentable.

In case you’ve been sucked into this whirlwind of hinching, just remember you should never compare the sun to the moon. You are you, and Mrs Hinch is Mrs Hinch!

You are two totally different people with different lives, so if you don’t put you sink to bed of a night, that’s ok. If you do that’s ok too. You do you, if your house proud and love to hinch, great. If you hate cleaning that’s fine too. Just be a good human being and accept others and don’t hate on people for not having as clean a house as you. And don’t hate on people who take pride in a freshly polished work surface.

Happy hinching.

Till next time from A wannabe adult.


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