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Can someone make me a cup of tea instead?

You know I love being the sort of person that I am, I’m a friendly, open, honest, house proud, food loving sort of person. I love socialising and looking after people, in anyway that I can be, and sometimes that just being there to make them a cup of tea and listen to them when they pop round or something. Yet some days I would just love it if someone would stop and make me a cup of tea for a change, if I could come home and not have to make dinner or at least not have to clean up after dinner. yet here I am after a long and hard day, making dinner, cleaning up and feeling like I could just fall asleep at any moment.

Sure the other half told me that he was thinking about making me a cup of tea while I napped on the sofa, which I never do by the way, yet he didn’t instead he went upstairs and watched a YouTube video before starting DIY. Then he didn’t bother to tell me that he’s messing around with the toilet. *crosses legs and tries not to think about it*

I’m tired it’s been a long day, and sure he works longer hours than me and then comes home and does a load more DIY that I can’t help with and yet I would appreciate if for a change after hearing about my day my other half does make that cup of tea for me that he’s always thinking of making me. Or if he makes, or starts making or even just decides what we are having for dinner one night.

Sure he does a lot, and every night I thank him, tell him what a great job he’s doing, listen as he tells me about all of his worries and then give him a head rub. All before going to bed, ok so it’s not every night he gets a head rub, but sometimes he wants to watch family guy, I don’t think much of it but I will sit and watch it with him. Or he might want an early night and I am wide awake but I’ll go to bed, because I know he sleeps better with me there.

Yet all I want is a cup of tea when I get home.


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