Family and saying no

Family is a funny thing you have family members who you hardly talk to you of money do you got a million things to catch up on or you feel like you hardly know this person and it’s kind of awkward. Will you get them family members who are always calling you and never seem to shut up. Honestly how long do you have to go on about Wednesday night at Sheila’s house?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but I have family members Who never seem to want to put the phone down and for some reason can’t just text me or call me you have to video call me they have to FaceTime you on Facebook or WhatsApp I can’t just text them something can get a reply by text and generally I end up getting a phone call I could text him saying sorry I’m not able to answer your call because I’m out having a meal at the moment to which they will reply by trying to call me.

Yes I have friends who I go days or months without speaking to and I totally get it all I’m so busy yet trying to tell that to a family member sometimes it’s very difficult because you get asked what are you doing why are you doing it how are you doing it why are you doing it that way and a million suggestions of how to do it better so that they can call you for three hours on the phone.

If somebody was to ask me what does it mean to be an adult I’d say it means being busy even if you’re not quite sure what being busy means. For example I get asked what are you doing this weekend and then say oh I’m busy and it’s never just oh ok we’ll try and meet up another time it’s what are you doing where are you doing it how long for a good squeeze as in at some point in the day even though I could just be having some friends around and I’m just painting the pants and then I’ve also got a yoga class to go to. Yet sometimes people don’t understand that that can be a lot in one day and if it’s not generally the reason why it’s not a lot of stuff in one day it’s because I want that time to relax. It’s not a bad thing to need space from people it’s not a bad thing to need time to relax and putting yourself first and not always entertaining family or Friends learning to say no can be hard I know it is hard for me. I used to have it but my family would come round every Sunday I wouldn’t ask them to sometimes it wouldn’t tell me they just turn up and they just expect me to feed them and have an immaculate house ready for them to relax in. Eventually I put up enough courage to tell them I couldn’t have them round on a Sunday and when I was told why I said because I needed a break Monday to Friday I worked and then Saturday I also worked and then Sunday was my day off and in the evenings yes I saw friends or I saw the family members or I didn’t see anybody because I’d be that tired but Sunday was my day to catch up on chores or is my data relax and not worry about having to entertain people learning to say no can be one of the best things you have to do.


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