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Go with the flow

I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who likes to feel a sense of achievement in a day. I write a to do list, plan and organise my day to make sure that I get everything done that I want or need to.

Yet today I’ve been kind of hippy dippy. And there is nothing wrong with that one bit, but for me it doesn’t happen a whole lot. Yet today I did just go with the flow. I didn’t plan, and yet I found that today I achieved more than if I planned, or I at least felt like I did.

Although I love my routine and knowing what I need to do and when, changing it up now and then can be good for us. As for me today I discovered a few pod casts and I did house work and some yoga throughout the day.

Accepting and allowing change in your life, is just as good or as important as having a routine.

Till next time from

A Wanna Be Adult


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