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Busy life and books

I feel like all I am talking about is books recently, but it’s because they have become a part of my life again. And I think books are so important they can have such an impact on you, not just your emotions, but your out look on life and well at any age help improve you English or you confidence in it.

Yet like I have said in the past I am usually busy most of the time and unless it is planned 3 months in advance doing recreational things just don’t spontaneously happen for me, or at least it is extremely rear. Yet books can be my one thing to help me to find time to relax in the busy world.

I have friends who ask me when we go out and meet up, “how do you find time to read? Like I try but I never finish the book or it takes me four months.” Now I’m not saying I read two books in a month sometimes I finish a book in a month, sometimes it takes me longer, it all depends, yet I try and find time where I can. Sometimes it’s between shifts at work I will decide to spend an hour reading, or when I catch the train to go visit family I will take a book with me then. It might be that I take 10 minutes out of my evening before washing the dishes that I read. I’m not saying that I do it all the time, or that I am always able to find time, yet I just try to. Currently I am reading a book that I have been reading for two months and I’ve only just got to the middle of the book.

Finding time to do stuff like read when you have a busy life can be hard, yet I say don’t give up on it, if you really do want to get into reading, just try. No one needs to know that it took you four months or four days to read a book. And if you think it will be easier maybe listen to the Audio book. One thing that I have started doing which has helped me to get into reading again is to get Ebooks on my phone.

Just because we live busy lives doesn’t mean that we have to put aside or forget to do the things we love.

Till next time from,

A wanna be adult


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