One Of Those Days

Don’t you just love it when you’ve got a really busy day, you’ve been to work, went home got ready for an important meeting, been out to the meeting, you rushed home got ready for work again. Now you just have a few important emails to send with less than an hour to do it all in, as well as cleaning the house and your laptop decides to update.

Yep me too I love it when that happens. This is me currently. Waiting for my computer to update. So naturally I’m typing this on my phone as a pure annoyance sure I could be cleaning the house unloading the dishwasher and prepping dinner but I just have one important email to send just one not five, not three, not two, not twenty. Just one.

I have resorted to typing it out on my phone but that’s not the same. Well I don’t think it is anyway. I feel more professional typing out emails on my laptop. Yes it’s always when I need to be the most professional my laptop decides to update.

Currently I’m looking at doing some volunteering help me further along within my career all’s going well all the other days next just to iron a few details not many and I have a laptop that wants to spend 3 hours updating when I only have an hour to get everything done.

I think it’s time for a cup of tea, and try again tonight after work. Which I haven’t planned for due to this really important, self development, possibly career changing meeting. Great.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult


My Goals For 2018 And How I’m Doing So Far

We all do this set ourselves goals stick to them like glue and then after January it’s harder to stick to them or they are dust in the wind, so today I thought I would just remind myself of the goals that I have set and what my next steps are in terms of achieving them.
You never know this might inspire you or remind you to stick to your goals you have set for this year.

  1. Get driving. Ok now you might be thinking “girl your in your 20’s why are you not driving yet.” It’s simple money and time. I wasn’t one of those teenagers who were able to afford driving lessons then I went to university and now I am in my 20’s. This is currently a working progress, but I should do a bit more.
  2. Read more. This is a simple one yet I want to do more and I enjoy reading so why shouldn’t I. I am reading more and I am Happy about this, just got to keep it up.
  3. Be more active. This isn’t really that generic, I mean I want to start going for walks at the weekend when we are doing DIY all weekend and doing work out at home.So far not that good, but I have started doing yoga so that count’s. (Right?)
  4. Start saving more. I have been saying this all of last year and this year I worked out a budget and figured out how much I can save each and every month while still having money to spend and paying for food and bills. Really grown up of me, right.So far I have been doing this although I need to set up a direct debit so that I don’t have to worry about if I forget.
  5. Be more social. Due to work and DIY, we haven’t been very social, DIY needs money so that means less money to go out and have a nice meal with friends or drinks.This is kindo of happening, once again DIY and money, but I’m saving now so that should help. Maybe we need to have a break from the DIY to just live a little.

This might inspire you to look at your goals and reflect on how your doing.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult


Now I don’t claim to be perfect, I like anyone else have my off days and I will admit I can be at times forgetful.

Yet I’m only human and well a busy one at that. Wake up go to work come home get changed and go volunteering. Come home grab a quick lunch then back to work. Then after work it home cook dinner clean up relax for an hour then bed. Then the days I don’t volunteer between work I clean the house from top to bottom. Do all the washing and all my planning as well as have a driving lesson plus lunch thrown in at some point.

Like I said busy.

So now and then the tv might not get switched off at the wall, but it’s not the end of the world right? 99% of the time it’s does. I like to try and do my bit for the planet. Yet sometimes I forget.

Why is it though that other people can make you feel so bad so guilty about it?

So yeah sometimes I forget but don’t make me feel guilty for one small thing. It’s not all the time it’s not everyday. Yet I let it get to me, the way I feel about it you would think I stepped on a dog’s paw.

Why do we do that to each other?

Let’s face facts I am forgetful. I’m not perfect. But making people feel bad for that went make things better.

Till next time from

A Wanna Be Adult


The one thing that you have to do as an adult. The one thing you can’t escape. The one task that’s never finished. Cleaning.

We all have to do it and let’s face it, it’s not fun, it’s not easy and it’s never ending. Cleaning is one of those tasks that as an adult I have a love hate relationship with, I love having a clean and tidy home, I hate when I have to clean and tidy it. And given by the amount of cleaning and organising books, blogs and tips and tricks all over the internet, as well as all the youtube videos, safe to say I’m not the only one.

I have tried many different approaches to cleaning over the years, clean all in one go once a week, clean all in one go twice a week. Clean every other day, do daily cleaning and leave the weekly stuff till the end of the week, downloaded and used other people methods. You name it I have probably tried it, even leaving one task that I really hate (hoovering) for long enough in hope that the other half would just do it.

My problem that I have faced every time? Life.

Life happens when you least expect, what I mean is that you could have the best fandangled cleaning system ever, and then your ill. You get back on track, then you have a party, after that work piles up or a problem pop’s up and you attention isn’t on having a spotless home. See what I mean, life.

I haven’t come up with a new system for you to follow more of some suggestions on how to make cleaning work for you.

  1. Figure out what you need to do every day. For me it’s dishes and wipe down the surfaces.
  2. What do you need to do once a week? for me this is steam mopping my kitchen floor.
  3. What do you need to do twice a week?

Do you get the idea?

Figure out what you want, can and need to do. Your life is different to all these organisational people and cleaning people. You shouldn’t fit your life around a generic cleaning system that works for one person. By all means be inspired by cleaning tips and take advice from the YouTube videos, but make it work for you.

Cold Callers

Why do cold callers not get when you want them to go already. I know that I look young but please don’t ask for the parents when it’s the middle of the day, if I was a child I would be at school obviously.

Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t insult the potential client. (this has happened to me more than once, not a good start)
  2. When I say I am busy don’t try and keep talking. (I’m not lying, I have things to do, it might be making a cup of tea but trust me at this point I have listened to you, but I think making a cuppa is more important right now)
  3. When I say not interested just go away. (If you think I am wrong, post a leaflet through the door, but don’t argue with me)

Who else has dealt with these people and had this happened to you?

What has inspired me? Well I have just had a cold caller and well I was about to have a nap (not really feeling well today so I wanted to have a break) and that put me in a mood for blogging about how annoying they are.

The first time that all these things happened to me at once, yep all three things happened in one set of cold callers and they were representing the church, which church I couldn’t tell you, it was a few years ago.

So I was in my student house and I was rudely awoken by knocking, I was the only one in, it might be a delivery better go answer it, but no, it was two old people, holding bibles. Ok no problem, I have no problem with other people’s beliefs. But I will tell them nicely to go as I was still in my PJ’s and not had a cup of coffee yet.

They started my commenting on my appearance, from my hair to the fact I wasn’t dressed and the time of day it was, I thought that is was rude of them to comment on this. Yet I didn’t say anything, they then told me why they were here knocking at my door (other than to insult my appearance at 10:30am on a Saturday) and I told them that they had knocked on to a student house and none of use were that religious. They then proceeded to tell me that at my age I needed guidence in my life, as if I was a mess and needed straightening out. I got myself to University on my own, I think I am doing just fine thank you.

By this point I was annoyed, they were rude and annoying me, it was cold and I was letting out what little heat was in my drafty student house. So I said goodbye to them as politely as I could manage.

Through out the years cold callers have often offended me. I know I am short but not so short you have to bend down to talk to me like a five year old.

I know cold callers have a crappy job going round in the wonderful British weather and tell people about things they probably don’t want or need be at least try and be nice and polite. You guys might not get such a bad reputation then.

Sorry for this being kind of a long post.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult

Adulting Tips

Some days can be hard, stressful and downright annoying and you don’t want to do anything. The idea of curling up into a ball and waiting for tomorrow to come and be a better day is more tempting than adulting through the rest of the day.
So here are some quick adulting tips that I have discovered that make them days that bit easier.

  1. Write a list.Now you have probably seen this tip on a hundred of different blogs and youtube videos, but hear me out. Write it all down, everything you have to do, if you feel like it put it on order of most important to least important. Now here’s the trick, do it tomorrow. Yep you read that right, tomorrow. SUre if you feel like doing it today go for it get started on it, but some days, nah. Look at the positives, you survived today, you have a plan for tomorrow, why stress yourself out any more? Have a break.
  2. Call someone/ Talk to someone. Tell someone about your day reflect, its a good thing to start doing. Plus you might find that your days wasn’t that bad. Other than using this as an opportunity to vent and feel better about your life it’s also ensuring that you are keeping in contact with people you love and want in your life. That simple call to a friend or talk to a family member at the end of the day or the week could lead to you making plans to go out to lunch, and then you will forget all about the stress and have something to look forward to.
  3. Have an early night. After a long and stressful day the last thing you need to do is to make it even longer by staying up late. As soon as you get in, and you know you don’t need to go back output your PJ’s on. Yep you are fully grown and yes it maybe 7pm but do it. Trust me on this one, maybe have a hot bath or shower first but get into your PJ’s and chill out. Read a book, make a bowl of cheesy pasta for dinner or get take out, and go to bed early. I don’t mean clock watch and think I want an early night why am I not asleep yet. Just take yourself to bed earlier, try not to go on your phone listen to some music and relax.

These aren’t life changing or completely new, I know but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that at the end of a crappy day we are able to slob out and go into lazy student mode every now and then. We adult 99.9% of the time, allow yourself this break.

Hope you find this helpful if your having one of them days.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult

Even A Lazy Day Isn’t Lazy Anymore

Ah Sunday, the universal lazy day. Shops aren’t open all day, there’s only trash on TV and really it’s a none day. There isn’t much you can do on this day. Sure you can make a Sunday roast, go see family or even go for a lovely scenic walk (weather permitting). Yet a lot of people use it as a day of rest, recharge their batteries and have a lazy day.

As an child I loved Sundays, doing nothing, sleeping in and reading a good book till it was time to eat. Now, as an adult I have noticed it changed. I never just do nothing like I used to, no now It’s always a GYST day. A domesticated Sunday, I mean yay getting ahead of the house work is good but, why do I always feel the need to be productive? Then I feel guilty if I don’t do anything, even if I am ill!

Does anyone else get like this? Feel bad if they don’t do anything even though you set out not to do anything. Just me?

I have these days, recently I had a lazy afternoon. Well I wanted it to be, but it didn’t really happen like that.

I hadn’t slept well the night before and I felt like I could fall asleep which isn’t like me, when I am awake, I am awake for the rest of the day. Yet I was tired so I decided to do nothing after I got home from work, only I didn’t. I did the basic cleaning and tidying leaving only some glasses in the sink to deal with in the evening, due to them needing to be hand washed. I ended up having a snooze and being woken up by the postman only five minutes later asking if I would take something for my neighbour, I did but couldn’t get back of to sleep after that. So I got ready for work.

When the other half picked me up from work I was surprised when he said he was upset with the state of the kitchen. What state its clean and tidy I thought, so I asked and he said about the glasses in the sink. I was shocked that he thought the kitchen was in a state for that reason, six glasses in the sink. Wow.

So after dinner I did my normal cleaning for the evening, plus all the cleaning that I planned to do but didn’t get round to doing in the day. The other half comes in and sees me polishing the table and asked what I was doing. I told him catching up on my cleaning since the place is a pigsty, he tried to justify what he said and how he meant it. I told him “I’m not wonder woman, I am only human and I get tired sometimes. I clean everyday, everyday. The house is never a mess, it’s always clean. Some days I need a break, just a day to rest.” After saying that and explaining how much I clean he backed off.

Yet I still didn’t have a lazy day I ended up snoozing sure but ultimately doing all the house work still.

Maybe next time.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult

Does Anyone Else Have This Issue?

So I have gotten home from a stressful day at work, come home cleaned prepped dinner and gone back to work where things are still stressful, to come home to the other half complaining. Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks “well if I’m not doing a good enough job why don’t you do it then?” .

Not to say my other half is ungreatful, but sometimes I don’t think he knows how much I do in a day. To him cleaning is something that will take an hour at most prepping dinner takes fifteen minutes and then I have a few hours to myself. Nope. I mean some days yes, but most the time no. Now don’t shoot me for being too good at cleaning or whatever, trust me I am still lazy, it’s just my mum’s a chef and taught me how to clean. Plus my part time job was in a kitchen so I got a health and hygiene course out it. So I clean my house like a chef cleans a kitchen, near enough everyday anyway.

Truth is most days I clean, tidy, prep dinner then I sit have lunch chatting to my mum then I check my emails finish whatever cleaning I havent done. Plus some days I research ideas and stuff for work.

Yes some days, ok weeks I give in a do the bare minimum, but then I watch a cleaning video on YouTube and I am at it again, well that is till Riverdale and Supernatural are back on TV.

But days like today, it’s been a long day I’m tired and I just want someone else to clean the kitchen after dinner, instead of me. Please. Now you might think yeah why doesn’t that happen you clean the house in the middle of the day, your other half should do it of a night. I would agree, and he can clean and clean well may I add, yet it has become a habit, I cook and clean because I have the opportunity within the day to do so and my other half does all the DIY and fixes everything, making our home my palace. But sexiest I know, and trust me I am all about equality, and he knows it. In reality I am miss independent, it just so happens that my other half can re-wire a house and put in consumer units and the odd bit of plastering. Me, well I can paint, I mean I did do GCES art.

But don’t you just wish they did what you did and understand that cleaning everyday is sometimes (more times than not) boring and mundane and not once does my other half come home to a dirty house, nope, untidy at times I will give you that, but dirty no, never dirty.

Keeping on top of the clutter is hard in a building site especially when it doesn’t look pretty to begin with.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult

DayDreaming About Dogs

recently I have been think a lot about dog’s, currently I couldn’t have a dog because of the house being in no condition. Yet me and the other half have been talking about it, in the past we argued on what type of dog we would have, both of us not wanting a big dog but not wanting one we would end up kicking across a room because we can’t see it. My dad has three dog’s, three beagle’s, all crazy, loud and smelly in their own way yet, loving and playful too. As annoyingly stubborn beagles can be I think we have decided that we will be getting one, not soon by any means.

Yet as a result I have been window shopping if you like, but not for a puppy oh no, when we get a dog we are going to adopt one from beagle welfare. We want to give a beautiful dog a loving new home, there forever home.

I think that before looking at getting a puppy people should always consider adopting a pet. It’s sad how many of them get thrown out after the families realised that this breed of dog isn’t what we thought it was. So always do your research folks. Dog’s won’t be able to tell you “hey I am going to bark a lot of a night so only get me if you have no neighbours attached” or “I want a lot of fuss and I will wreck the house if you leave me for more than two hours.”. So research before thinking I will get that dog because it’s cute.

Why you maybe asking do we want to adopt and not buy a new puppy, because we know what this breed is like and well a lot of people can’t handle them, their not a bad not, on the contrary, they are wonderful. The thing is, is that they need a lot of walks, and long walks at that, every night, not just at the weekends. They are a sociable dog, so they are not good with being left alone all day.

Why have I been daydreaming about this? I’m not sure to be honest with you. If I had to guess it would be because of having a split shift and coming home to an empty house so often is a bit sad. All I do is clean and make myself busy, but if we had a dog I could take the dog out for a walk and take care of it. Safe to say that at this stage in our relationship we are ready for a dog or a baby.

The only thing being is that the house isn’t ready.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult

Ugh Why?!

Have you ever had one of those day’s your on top of the world then suddenly it flips and the world is on top of you? I have, today (today being last friday) in fact has been one of them days. So let me explain.

This morning I got up, admittedly could of stayed in bed for another hour I was so comfortable. Yet I got up, had breakfast, had a wash and got dressed. I was doing my makeup, drinking my Beanies hazelnut coffee, and realised I had more time than I thought, that’s great, but I won’t mess around this morning, I have no music to motivate me to walk quickly to work as I was about to run out of data on my phone.
I go to work for my first shift all is well, nothing exciting happens it’s a normal morning shift at work, end of the shift and I walk home. It’s cold so I look forward to making myself another lovely coffee before starting on my day. Today’s plan was simple, clean.

After making my coffee I got the washing and made my way downstairs to start on the task of doing the washing, after which I would organise the box of cleaning supplies under my sink. (not in a cupboard under the sink, nope that was ripped out a while ago)
I got out all of the products and discovered that I had more cleaning supplies than I knew what to do with!
Over one hundred and seventy dishwasher tablets, three bags of salt for the dishwasher, two had been opened and were both in use. Two bottles of stain remover for carpet, that one made me laugh, we only have carpet on the stairs and in the box room (which you can’t see most of the floor) and our current room, all of which are deep blues and reds, so if something was to spill on them, you would never know. Four different types of all purpose cleaner, a bathroom cleaner that I didn’t know we had, as well as lots more.

Before I could start on the task of reorganising these back into the box in which these items now lived in, I decided to sit down, drink my coffee and ponder on how I would complete this task. Next thing I knew my phone was ringing the other half had two more job’s for me to do. Clean the old (old as in three or four years old) disconnected hob and take photos of it, email them over to him so he can put it on ebay during his lunch break. Fine, easy, done. Now it was ten thirty and the cleaning supplies were organised, email sent, washing in the dryer and dishwasher on. I decided to clean the bathroom and the kitchen then set on the task of cleaning the washing machine (with one of the four washing machine clearers that i had found earlier that morning).

Seems like a super productive day, yes. No, this was the point that everything went wrong.

Everything was working running fine and I was about to prep my lunch so that I could facetime my mum, we have lunch dates as we call them as we don’t see each other often with me being in England and my mum being in Wales. Then a fuse blew. Currently we have one double socket in the kitchen, yes this is due to the DIY, and no I didn’t have too many things plugged into an extension lead.

So here I was washing machine hadn’t finished cleaning, dishwasher not finished its cycle and the dryer just needed twenty more minutes. So the lunch date was canceled and I went round the house like a mad woman checking that everything was working, nothing in the consumer unit had tripped, everything was in working order apart from the kitchen. So somewhere there was a blown fuse. Living with an engineer you pick up a few tricks. I couldn’t figure out which one it was so new plan! Use the spar extension lead that is used for the DIY. I got it down from, what will one day be our master bedroom, and set it all up. Only plugging in one thing at a time. First dishes, these needed to be finished and put away, I could do the clean cycle tonight if the other half could magic up a solution. Next the washing machine, it was half way through getting cleaned and then. No time for the drying, I just about had time for a quick lunch, tidy up and out the door.

On the way to work I emailed the other half telling him of my day, how the garage side door wouldn’t lock (oh yeah that was another thing) and the fuses and everything else that had happened. I informed him that the day wasn’t a total waste and that I made three jars of homemade pasta sauce, cleaned the house and prepped dinner. So all he needed to do for me was put the dryer on for twenty minutes and fix whatever the problem was no big deal.

Oh and I ended up running late for work.

The best thing about it was that he didn’t even do that. He picked me up from work and questioned near enough every word within the email that I had sent him, and when we got home, he didn’t help me. Oh no but reminded me that I need to put the drying on, so I didn’t go and check on it so that he had to.

I need a break from all this “being a awesome adult”, let’s go back to being able to function. Note to self, don’t take on too much. You are still only human, your not wonder woman yet.

Till next time from,

A Wanna Be Adult